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Zero Trust

Change the way your network identifies trust based on the user not on a device or location

Zero Trust changes the approach made to granting access to your network. Previous security models relied on identifying devices and locations (and even timeframes) to allow access to your data and resources.Instead Zero Trust puts the users identity at its core – allowing access based on user credentials, no matter the location or device that is being used. It’s a more human approach that makes sense. Moreover, a Zero Trust methodology constantly monitors and assesses the access users are granted.

We provide a range of solutions, that often include systems you already have in place, to change the way your network securely allows user access using a model that it is more versatile and agile than current security policies.

Protect your network by identifying your team rather than their devices

Implementing Zero Trust often incorporates systems and policies you already have in place augmented by cloud based technologies that secure the relationship between individual users and your network resources. This human approach is frictionless and secure.

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