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May 5, 2019

GDPR: Data Protection

As long as businesses keep sending and receiving emails, the bad guys will keep using them to try and attack the communication line of businesses.


 Data is the lifeblood of your business – and that’s why cyber-criminals and disgruntled insiders will always attempt to spy on it, steal it and hold it to ransom. For one area of GDPR compliance, you must be able to prove you know the answers to: 

• Where is my data? 

• Who is responsible for that data? 

 Worst case scenario? A single data violation could potentially put you out of business.. 

Best case scenario? Your data is protected from cyber-attacks … and you’re on your way to GDPR compliance! 


 You need to be able to manage the data within your business to ensure it is protected throughout its lifecycle. You need a data governance policy in place which needs to cover areas like: Data security, integrity, usability, availability, consistency, accountability…


 Data is on the move! On flash drives, by email, in the cloud, on personal mobile devices – at any stage, it could be lost or stolen. It is critical to identify, track and secure all confidential data from multiple points within your organisation. 


Our recommendation is to choose a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution that enables you to identify, track and secure all confidential data from multiple points within your organization. 

Remember stolen data can be used to bypass other security layers – make sure your cyber-security solutions are regularly inspected to ensure they’re correctly configured, patched, and updated. Incorrect security configuration is a major cause of security incidents. 

Ask us about a quick and simple Security Health Check to keep you safe from cyber attacks

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May 5, 2019

GDPR: Data Protection

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