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With the ever-changing working practices of businesses, we give support and assistance through our service desk which can be reached by telephone, email and the web.

With the way employees want to work and access your systems, using devices and working hours that complement their lifestyle, the challenge of maintaining this environment whilst supporting your IT systems is vital. Our support solutions are flexible to support your whole team, whether office-based or remote.

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Service Desk & Remote Support

Our service desk is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable technicians who are able to answer your question by telephone, email and, if needs be, can provide further help with remote support tools.

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Onsite field support & 3rd party IT support

Think of us as your in-house IT department. We’ll be there to help remedy any issues that can’t be fixed remotely by attending on-site. Our engineers will also engage with the third-party technology providers that you may already use.

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Mobile & Home Workers

We can be just as flexible as your business teams by giving them direct support from our service desk, wherever they may be.

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Equipment We Support

We support, manage and secure all IT technologies, such as:

Business PCs & Laptops


On-Premises & Cloud Software

Mobile Devices

VoIP Services and Hardware

Network Switches

Routers (Internet & WAN)



Wireless Equipment

Network & Backup Storage

Printers & Photocopiers

Video Conferencing

IT Components


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Partners We Work With

We work closely with leading IT companies, most recognisable brands, which you may be familiar with:






















TT Exchange




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We know that you want your computer systems to “just work”. We can help you develop an IT plan that supports your business needs now and into the future.

IT projects come in all shapes and sizes from equipment upgrades, site relocations, virtualisation and cloud deployments. Whatever their complexity, we know they can sometimes be an overwhelming task for you.  With our knowledge and experience, we can help deliver these sensitive projects.

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Strategy & System Design

Like many businesses, technology provides the backbone to what you do. Those systems need to be fast, flexible, reliable and fit-for-purpose. We understand this and can identify your needs to design and supply a system that supports your business.

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Installs, Upgrades & Migrations

Any change to an IT infrastructure can seem daunting – we assist you by providing an insight into the efficiency of your IT system and give you an analysis of where improvements can be made. We can then manage the programme of improvements and changes that have been identified.

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As a pivotal point for procurement, we can help source equipment or services by us or from other providers. An excellent example of this is our VoIP solution uses SoConnect, a business phone services provider that keep our customers' connected with a reliable connection and a host of features.

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Cyber security awareness

Bringing together three tools that help promote awareness and reduce the human cyber risk. Security Awareness Training helps create cultural change, engaging users on the role in cyber risk. Intelligent Phishing Simulations use practical examples to train your team on how to respond to these types of attack. Risk Reduction Data And Metrics is a data driven tool that helps you understand, measure and reduce the human cyber risk in your organisation.

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Our security services mean that you can be assured that your IT infrastructure and investment is both secure and meeting the needs of your business.

The old break-fix model – something breaks, technician visits to fix it, and repeat – is long gone. We employ the right technology to monitor your systems proactively and can identify problems before they occur.

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Availability & proactive monitoring

Using our Remote Monitoring and Management tools, we run continuous checks on your systems and proactively action these through our service desk - this keeps your systems running as efficiently as they can and minimising the amount of downtime you experience.

Giving you the peace of mind to know that your network and infrastructure is providing your team with the reliability they need to do their jobs.

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Vulnerability Scanning & Patch Management

Attackers exploit known weaknesses in IT infrastructure to gain unauthorised access to your systems. With good working practices, controls and regularly updated systems, much of this threat can be minimised.

We keep abreast of new and emerging threats, helping to keep your systems secure against known vulnerabilities in operating systems and other software.

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System Risk Consultancy & Threat Management

Managing the risk of cyber intrusion and data theft have become the main focus of modern businesses. Understanding the risks to your data is the first step in identifying the systems and security that you need to put in place to be protected.

We can help identify any weaknesses in your systems and help you employ technology and practices that help mitigate these vulnerabilities.

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Cyber Essentials

A Government-backed scheme, endorsed by the British Standards Institute, Cyber Essentials aims to mitigate the threat posed by the most common cyber threats. By becoming Cyber Essentials accredited, you can reduce your threat of attack by up to 80%.

We can provide you with security services that will highlight any areas of concern and give you recommendations to prepare you for an assessment and accreditation.

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On-Premises & Cloud Backup Management

Our flexible approach to helping you manage your backup solution means that we can identify whether an on-premises or cloud solution is right for you. We employ industry-leading technology to make sure that you have a comprehensive system in place to ensure your data can be safely restored, should the worst happen.

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Business Continuity Disaster Recover (BCDR)

Only 6% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan survive when the worst happens. Your computer systems and data are vital to your business. If the worst happens and you don’t have access to both or either it is hard to see how you can operate effectively. We can help you put in place practices and infrastructure that can manage and alleviate these risks.

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DR testing & recovery services

Disaster recovery testing and recovery of data should be considered as part of your security plan.

Our approach prioritises both DR Testing and Data Recovery – helping you to get back to where you were should the worst happen as quickly as possible. As part of our security services, we will identify any weakness in your policies and practices and help you strengthen these by using industry standards.